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BS: Wheel of Time / Pathfinder hybrid.
This campaign will follow the basic magical “One Power” format of the Wheel of Time. Many of the magical and supernatural aspects of the campaign will be taken from this system. The basic functioning of the campaign will follow that of the Pathfinder campaign system.

Note: One function that is key to this campaign is the concept of “Good – Bad – Evil.” Alignment is not a true factor, since most sentient beings in the world are capable of making ethical and moral choices on their own and may change their beliefs at any time. Thus, the mainstream PC/NPC falls into the Good/Bad area. Some times you may be good and do good things but other times, you may do bad things and be considered a bad person. Anyone, at any time, may switch back and forth though most people tend to be predominantly one or the other. Evil, however, is incapable of doing so. Their souls are tainted and they can never be redeemed, short of divine intervention. Thus, as long as the player does not “sell their soul,” individual alignment is inconsequential to the overall campaign.

Home Page

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