Necessary Evil

Chapter 3

Meeting at the Lair the villains are joined by some new recruits, Miss Bruiser, Mr Lift and Sargent.

Storm Rider was contacted by Dr Destruction with a couple of missions for the team.

The first was that he needed the cops away from downtown on friday evening.

The second was to assassinate the business tycoon Jonathan Baxter who will be flying into the city Monday morning for an important meeting with the V'sori.

The team quickly set about coming up with a plan to cause a distraction with The Dandy's contacts revealing that there was a courier with an important briefcase set to arrive by train at 7pm and that there was a warehouse in the docks that was being used by the cartel to smuggle drugs.

With this information the Villains set out to hit the courier as he was exiting the train at the station and then attack the warehouse.

At the station Miss Bruiser waited by the getaway vehicle while Sargent disabled the security system, K'tar and Storm Rider waited on the roof and Mr Lift and The Dandy waited by a side window. When the courier arrived Storm Rider electrocuted him from above while K'tar and Mr Lift dealt with the guards. The Dandy grabbed the briefcase and escaped to the getaway vehicle but was left waiting as the others were delayed by the arrival of a SCORP helicopter.

Managing to deal with the scorp officers the villains made there escape and headed for the warehouse.

At the warehouse The Dandy managed to bluff the villains way inside where an running battle with the gangsters ensued with Mr Lift getting badly cut up by the gang leader.

The session ended with Storm Rider knocking out the gang leader.



Halaku_Remiel Halaku_Remiel

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