Necessary Evil

Chapter 2

Several days after the prison break K'tar, Demonia and The Dandy are contacted by Dr Destruction with a mission, they are to locate a lair of the old villain Terron and link a device to the geothermal power plant in the base.

They are joined by Storm Rider a minion of Dr Destruction and head off to find the Undergrounders whom they believe can lead them to the lair.

Using The Dandy's contacts they locate the Undergrounders in an old ruined subway station, to the villains surprise and good fortune the leader of the Undergrounders turns out to be Valerie Ramirez the mutant woman they rescued from the prison, she agrees to show them where Terrons lair is as payment for that debt.

On the way to the lair the villains are attacked by some large mutant crocodiles one of which Storm Rider insists on skinning.

Upon entering the Lair they are attacked by a large guardian robot which they destroy with a clever use of powers and when they complete there mission they bring back to there hideout in hopes of repairing.

They have little trouble connecting Dr Destructions device to the reactor which then proceeds to beam power to somewhere else underground.

Upon returning to there lair Demonia disappears off to do who knows what.

Dr Destruction contacts the villains again with information that Capon's long lost safe has been found and he wants a briefcase that is inside.

The safe is being held in the evidence room of precinct 7 a fairly run down station pending transfer.

K'tar, The Dandy and Storm Rider set about planning the heist of the police station, K'tar steals a trash truck and takes out the guards on the roof with his sniper rifle while The Dandy disguises himself as a cop and infiltrates the building and locates the safe.

The safe located Storm Rider smashed through the roof and lifts the safe out while K'tar brings the getaway truck.

The villains escape the station under fire from several Socom officers and manage to elude pursuit by quickly changing vehicle.

The Dandy manages to crack the safe and inside they find the Briefcase and several gold bars.

Storm Rider leaves to drop off the Briefcase at the agreed dead drop.


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