Of course that’s just what the aliens wanted all along. In every major city, heroes and world leaders joined together to welcome the aliens. The crowds cheered as the V’sori ships appeared overhead.

Every superhero, sidekick, president, and even stars of sports, movies, and music attended these grand galas. The people of earth cheered as they watched their heroes greet the alien saviors on the news networks.

The cheers turned to screams when the V’sori ships opened fire on the gathered throngs. Moments afterward, the K’tharen warships returned—servants of the V’sori.

Champion was standing before the cameras when the V’sori hit. They knew his weakness—radiation—and targeted him with a concentrated beam of energy that turned the hero into a pulpy mass.

Massive death rays then swept over the gathered throngs, slaying thousands of heroes, officials, generals, and innocents in moments. Within 30 minutes, the unthinkable had occurred.

Earth’s greatest heroes were dead and its leaders vaporized.

The aliens had won.

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