The V'sori

Then came the turn of the tide the people had come to expect in these epic wars of aliens and supermen. Advance forces of another alien race arrived in earth orbit—the V’sori.

They claimed to be the long-lost descendants of Atlantis who had been searching for their missing brothers and sisters for hundreds of years. During their quest, they had grown to become the defenders of the galaxy.

The V’sori claimed the Fins—or K’tharen as they called themselves—were rampaging mercenaries who ravaged world after world, but the V’sori had fought them before and would help Earth against them now.

The world’s greatest superhero, Champion of Alpha Force, flew into space to meet them. He returned later and gave a stirring speech that called for humanity to hold out for just a bit longer. They did, though the final cost in blood was great.

When the V’sori arrived, the K’tharen fleet rose to fight them. The alien ships fought a titanic battle in space, but the V’sori won out, and even beamed the images of the fleeing Fins to earth.

Humanity cheered their saviours and welcomed the advanced alien protectors with open arms. Anxious youths danced in the streets, proclaiming an era of peace and love. Less trusting commentators were booed and mocked in the national press. And some appeasement-minded governments even offered the aliens the figurative keys to their states.

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The V'sori

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