Setting The Stage

Of course it started on January 1st, 2001. The first ships appeared over every major city of the planet.

There was no prelude and no demands. The aliens just attacked. They were an amphibious race that combined the nastiest aspects of sharks and crocodiles with an aggression matched by neither. They were the stuff of nightmares to most. The people called them "Fins".

New York became a war zone, Tokyo burned, and even sunken Atlantis was rubbled and its ruler – the legendary Aquarian – slain.

Earth's superheroes fought back immediately. The fins were terrifying, but no one ever doubted the heroes would win out in the end. After all, aliens had tried to invade Earth three times before, and earth's defenders had always emerged triumphant.

But the fins possessed advanced technology and savage bloodlust, so the losses were heavy.

Earth began to worry.

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Setting The Stage

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